1. I just unboxed my new Montana GPSr! Now What?
  2. What size µSD cards can I use with my Montana?
  3. How do I format a µSD Card for use with my Garmin Montana GPSr?
  4. How can I use my Montana like a nüvi?
  5. How many geocaches can I load on my Montana?
  6. How do I install maps on my Montana?
  7. Can I make my own maps?
  8. Can the Montana display satellite imagery?
  9. Why do my Trip Computer Odometer and Track Log Distance not agree?
  10. What can be done to maximize battery life with my Montana?
  11. Can I lock the screen on my Montana?
  12. How do I Master Reset my Montana?
  13. How do I find my Montana firmware version?
  14. How do I update my Montana?
  15. Which satellite constellations can my Montana GPSr use?
  16. What is WAAS/EGNOS?
  17. How do I set the compass magnetic declination correction?
  18. Where did Wherigo go?
  19. How do I create a Shortcut?
  20. Does the Montana have any hidden diagnostic screens?
  21. Can I recover a malfunctioning Montana without sending it to Garmin?
  22. How do I Report a Bug or Error?
  23. How do I set my 'Home' location?
  24. How can I get maps on my Montana to show up in BaseCamp?
  25. How do I get BaseCamp and my Montana to share Custom Symbols?
  26. Can I install new vehicles/position icons on my Montana?
  27. Can I install new voices on my Montana?
  28. Can I change the wallpaper on my Montana?
  29. Can I use my own wallpaper with my Montana?
  30. Can I rename my Montana and/or uSD card?
  31. Can I assign custom icons to my Montana and/or uSD card?
  32. Can I create a custom boot message on my Montana?
  33. How can I use a custom symbol to remove the blue push pin displayed along all my routes?
  34. Where can I find a digital copy of the original Garmin Montana User Manual?
  35. Where can I find copies of the Garmin Montana original profiles?
  36. Why do maps disappear each time I send a new map to my Garmin GPSr?
  37. Why has the groundspeak 'Send to GPS' feature suddenly stopped working with my Montana?
  38. How do I enable the VIRB Remote application on my Montana GPSr?
  39. How can I load POI files using custom icons and categories?
  40. What is the advantage to storing user data on the µSD card and not the GPSr internal memory?
  41. My Montana is no longer recognized by my computer (link currently unavailable)
  42. How do I log geocaches found with my GPSr on Geocaching.com?
  43. I accidentally formatted my Montana! Now What? (link currently unavailable)
  44. How can I download multiple geocaches to my Garmin GPSr at a time (non PQ)?
  45. How can I use a Pocket Query to download geocaches to my GPSr?
  46. Why does my GPSr show 'N 0000.000 E 0000.000' coordinates when viewing geocache logs?