If your Montana suddenly starts freezing or crashing during startup, it is likely a recently added map, image, gpx or other file that is creating the issue.

Forced USB Mass Storage Mode

The following procedure forces your Montana into USB Mass Storage Mode so that you can delete/remove/rename any recently added files:
  1. Remove battery and microSD card from your Montana
  2. Press and Hold the power button while connecting the Montana to your computer with a USB cable
  3. Continue to Hold the power button for 30 seconds, or until the USB symbol appears on the Montana display
  4. The Montana will be in forced USB Mass Storage Mode
  5. Remove or rename any recently added maps, images, gpx or other files that may be causing the issue
  6. Disconnect the Montana from the USB cable
  7. Install previously removed battery / microSD card and power up the Montana
  8. Repeat Steps 1-8 as needed until the Montana boots properly

Forced RGN Firmware Installation

This procedure (Windows only at this time) will force a low level installation of the Montana firmware. After completing this procedure the Montana will be running the firmware version provided by the RGN file. If an older firmware version is used, it will be necessary to run WebUpdater once you are finished to restore the Montana to the current firmware version.

Extract RGN from GCD

  1. Download and extract the desired GCD file from the Firmware page to C:\RGN\
  2. Rename the GCD file gupdate.gcd
  3. Run C:\RGN\RGN_Tool.exe
  4. Drag the gupdate.gcd file to the RGN_Tool window
  5. In the RGN_Tool window, select File | Save to RGN and save as C:\RGN\gupdate.rgn
  6. Close the RGN_Tool
  7. Delete the gupdate.gcd file

Or skip steps 1-7 above and:

  1. Download and extract the desired RGN file from the Firmware page to C:\RGN\
  2. Rename the RGN file gupdate.rgn

The C:\RGN\ directory should now contain these files:


On your computer, click the Start menu, select "Run...", type "cmd" where it says open and press Enter. A black window with a DOS command prompt should appear.

In the command prompt, type: > cd c:RGN and press [Enter]

At the next command prompt type > Updater.exe gupdate.rgn and Do Not press [Enter]

  1. Remove all batteries from your Montana
  2. Connect the Montana to your computer with a USB cable
  3. As the Montana powers up and begins the boot process, immediately press and hold the power button without disconnecting the USB cable
  4. Press [Enter] on your computer to execute the command typed above
  5. When the Updater prompts you, select the USB radio button
  6. When the "Loader" banner appears on the Montana screen, release the power button
  7. The Montana should display "Software Loader" and Updater should show a download progress bar
  8. The Montana may go through several update/restart cycles
  9. The Updater will display a success message and the Montana will restart running the new firmware

If steps 2-4 are not completed within a 30 second window, the Montana will enter Forced USB Mass Storage Mode. If this happens, restart the process.