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  • The screen does not respond. How do I reset the device?
    • Press and hold the power button for >20 seconds
    • Remove and reinstall the battery or batteries
    • Allow the Montana to cool if hot to the touch

  • How do I Master Reset my Montana?
    • With the Montana powered off, press and hold the top left corner of the screen (while held in portrait mode) and cycle the power button.
    • The Montana will begin the boot process.
    • When prompted "Do you really want to erase all user data?", select [Yes]

  • My Montana is not acquiring satellite signals
    • Power your Montana On
    • Place the GPSr outside, in clear view of the sky, away from any obstructions, for several minutes
    • If no improvement >30 minutes, perform Master Reset (above) and repeat

  • My Montana will not charge
    • Ensure the Li-ion battery is properly installed
    • Reduce backlight brightness
    • Ensure temperature is between 32ºF and 113ºF (0ºC - 45ºC)

  • My Montana battery gauge is not accurate
    • Leave the device powered on until the battery is completely discharged
    • Charge the battery fully without interruption
    • Ensure Setup | System | Battery Type is set correctly

  • I do not see any new removable drives in my list of drives
    • Windows may be having trouble assigning a drive letter
    • Select My Computer | Manage | Disk Management to assign drive letters
    • Read this post

  • Why does my computer not recognize my Montana?
    • Make sure you have the latest Garmin drivers installed
    • Enter Forced Mass Storage Mode
    • When prompted by the Found New Hardware Wizard, select "No not at this time" followed by "Install USB drivers automatically"
    • Once the driver installation is complete, select "Finish"
    • The computer should now recognize the Montana and installed uSD card as external storage drives

  • My Montana will not boot past the Garmin logo screen

Hidden Test Pages

  • Hardware/Software ID and Display Test:
    • Enter the Satellite application (Portrait screen orientation)
    • Press and hold the upper left corner of the screen > 5 seconds
    • A diagnostic screen will appear displaying hardware and software information
    • Selecting the → button will cycle you to the next diagnostic screen
    • If the → button is not visible, simply touch the screen to cycle to the next test
    • After the final test, the Montana will loop back to the original diagnostic screen
    • Press and hold the power button to exit this diagnostic mode

  • Error Logs:
    • Enter the Trip Computer application (Portrait screen orientation)
    • Press and hold the lower right corner of the screen (over the Menu Bar) > 5 seconds
    • A diagnostic screen will appear displaying a list of recently logged exceptions
    • The lower section of the page will display current memory usage and stats
    • Select an exception from the list to view register dumps for that exception
    • Use the back arrow to return to the list of exceptions and to exit this diagnostic mode

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