Garmin BaseCamp provides an interface for viewing and managing geographic data. With BaseCamp, you can:

BaseCamp vs MapSource



1. Menus: Menus provide access to various tasks and functions in BaseCamp.
2. Toolbars: Toolbars provide quick access to specialized functions in BaseCamp.
3. Search bar: Enter key words to find items on the map.
4. Search results: Data list returned based on search parameters.
5. Library and Devices Area: The Library and Devices area consists of two panes, and helps you manage your data.
6. North Indicator/Map Controls: The north indicator shows the current orientation of the map. The map controls appear when you move your mouse cursor over the north indicator. The map controls allow you to adjust the map view.
7. Map: The map displays your map product, as well as waypoints, routes, tracks, points of interest, and other map items.
8. Overview Map: The Overview Map provides a geographical context for the map by displaying a broader, less-detailed view.
9. Information Area: The information area displays details about the selected item in the Library and Devices area.
10. Status Bar: The status bar shows information about the currently selected item or items in the Library and Devices area, map coordinates when you move your mouse cursor over the map, and measurement information when you are measuring distance.
11. Filters: Allows you to sort and filter your saved data (see Viewing Data).



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