Data Management


Managing Your Data

Lists and List Folders

Viewing Data

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1. Library: Manage lists and list folders stored on your computer (see Lists and List Folders).
2. Devices: Manage data stored on the connected device.
3. Data: View data included in the selected list, list folder, or device.
4. Search field: Enter the name of an item in your data.
5. Filter Data: Click an icon to filter the data by type. The number next to each icon indicates how many items of that type are present in the data. You can also click a column heading to sort data.

Add Notes & Links

Edit Multiple Items

Importing Data

Exporting Data

Transferring Data

Send Data to Device

Receive Data from Device

Deleting Data

Backing Up Your Data

Restoring Your Data

Cloud Storage


Migrate From MapSource

Move BaseCamp Database


Multiple BaseCamp Databases