Outdoor GPS Games
  Beast Hunt
  Geko Smak
  Memory Race
  Virtua Maze

Beast Hunt
  • Although not a true GPS game, Beast Hunt requires some navigation skills.
  • You must find and defeat the dragon with an arrow before it breathes fire at you or you fall into one of the pits while navigating a maze of platforms.
  • Occasionally you are transported by slides that curve or move you diagonally.
  • The game consists of several difficulty levels and an extended or limited visibility option.
  • When you lose a game, the screen shows the layout of the hazards, slides, and warning platforms.
  • A scoreboard keeps track of your wins and losses.
  • To play Beast Hunt:
    1. From the Game Overview Page, press 'Enter' to open the Difficulty Level Menu.
    2. Select a difficulty level (Trainee, Beginner, Expert, or Master) and press 'Enter' to open the Visibility Menu.
    3. Choose a visibility option (Extended or Limited) and press 'Enter' to begin play.
    4. Use the D-PAD to jump from platform to platform.
      • Shaded platforms are one or two steps from the dragon.
      • A platform with a circle is next to a pit.
      • If you fall into a pit, jump into the dragon, or shoot an arrow that misses the dragon, you lose.
    5. To defeat the dragon, press 'Enter' to place an arrow in a shaded platform, use the D-PAD to point, and press 'Enter' to shoot.
  • This GPS game, which can be played without GPS enabled, is all about blasting gekoids.
  • You are the ship and you can survive only when you avoid getting hit.
  • Before you begin play, be sure to choose your game settings.
  • Orient Map 'Northwards' rotates your ship in the center of the map.
    • The map remains stationary and North is always up.
  • Orient Map 'Ship Up' rotates the virtual world around your ship.
    • Your ship always points up.
  • Press 'Enter' to start, and blast away!
Geko Smak
  • GekoSmak is a GPS based game that features you as the player piece.
  • Periodically, gekos will appear on the screen.
  • Before a geko disappears, move toward the geko, and press 'Enter' to smack the gecko with a hammer.
  • If you get the geko, an "!" mark appears by the hammer; if not, only a hammer appears.
  • Field size choices are small, medium and large.
    • Small fields are approximately 20 yards by 30 yards.
    • Medium fields are approximately 40 yards by 60 yards.
    • Large fields are approximately 60 yards by 90 yards.
  • Difficulty levels include Easy, Normal and Hard.
  • These levels determine how often gekos appear.
  • The pace quickens and values vary as difficulty levels increase.
Memory Race
  • This is a GPS virtual game where the playing piece moves where you move.
  • To win the Memory Race, remember which square has which symbol and then clear the board by matching pairs of symbol sets together.
  • Travel to each square, select 'Open' and press 'Enter' to view the symbol.
  • To adjust the grid or square size in custom mode:
    1. Select 'Grid Size' or 'Square Size' and press 'Enter' to choose from available options.
    2. To begin the game, select 'Start' and press 'Enter'.
    3. To place yourself back in the middle of the game board, select 'Re-Center' and press 'Enter'.
  • In this GPS game, you must walk around the board collecting the flags as they appear.
  • As you walk, your tail will grow.
  • You may travel anywhere on the screen, but you cannot walk on your tail, or you loose a life.
  • As an added challenge, you must also avoid the skulls that chase after you.
Virtua Maze
  • This GPS game creates a virtual maze on the screen.
  • You are placed at a central position in the maze and must explore the maze while collecting flags.
  • The lower right corner of the screen tells you how many flags remain.
  • The lower left corner displays a timer indicating elapsed time.
  • The difficulty level determines how much of the maze you can see at one time.
  • Viewing less of the maze makes the game more difficult.