Forced USB Mass Storage Mode

Forced RGN Firmware Installation


Extract RGN from GCD

  1. Download the desired GCD file from the Firmware page to the \RGN\ directory you created
  2. Extract the GCD file from the downloaded .zip file
  3. Delete the downloaded .zip file
  4. Rename the GCD file to gupdate.gcd
  5. Drag the gupdate.gcd file to RGN_Tool.exe
  6. Verify the HWID displayed in the RGN_Tool window matches your GPSr HWID
    • Oregon 7x0 HWID = 2512
  7. In the RGN_Tool window, select 'File > Save to RGN' and save as gupdate.rgn in the \RGN\ directory you created
  8. Delete the gupdate.gcd file from the \RGN\ directory you created
  9. Close the RGN_Tool

Verify Progress

Flash RGN

  • Steps 5-7 must be completed before the GPSr enters Forced USB Mass Storage Mode.
  • If this happens, restart the Flash RGN process.

    1. Disconnect all GPSr from your computer
    2. Drag the gupdate.rgn file to Updater.exe
    3. After the Updater window appears, select the 'USB Device:' radio button
    4. Power the Oregon 7x0 off (press and hold power button ~10 seconds to force power down if necessary)
    5. Connect the Oregon 7x0 to your computer with a USB cable
    6. immediately press and hold the power button
    7. When the Oregon 7x0 appears in the 'USB Device:' window, select 'OK'
    8. Continue holding the power button
    9. When the Oregon 7x0 displays "Software Loading", release the power button
    10. The Updater will display a download progress bar
    11. When the flash is complete, the updater will display a 'Successful Update' message
    12. The Oregon 7x0 will restart with the new firmware version installed