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map point details

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The amount of details shown for a map point, is that mainly a map question or a GPS unit question?
For example, if i select a fuel station on a OSM based map on the unit, it typically shows name and location (such as county or municipality).
On the same map data the same station may have tags for which fuel types (octane 95, diesel, ethanol e85, CNG, LPG, etc.) are sold at that station. But those fuel types does not seem to show on the map on the unit. It could be helpful to search only for fuel stations with the type of fuel that the car can use.
So i started to wonder if it is the unit not understanding some attributes or it was never generated as part of the map?

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Re: map point details

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Each POI will show the data that the map includes, so if you do not see specific information, that data is not part of the map.

For specific needs such as this, most users will seek out additional enhanced POI files (or create their own) to load to their GPSr that do include the specific information they desire.

For more information, see GPSrChive > GPSMAP 66 > Operation > POI

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