two small issues with waypoint manager

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two small issues with waypoint manager

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GPSmap 66st with software 4.10, GPS 2.70.

Two small issues (reported to garmin) but perhaps others can confirm or deny.

Having around 100 waypoints, going into the waypoint manager takes about a second.
During the loading time, i can press the D-pad up and move to the last waypoint by scrolling backwards.
After the list is loaded, it is not possible to scroll around from top up to bottom, or from bottom down to get to the very top.
It's not a big issue, but it would be more convenient to be able to scroll in any direction also from top and bottom.

When in waypoint manager.
After deleting a waypoint, the pointer (marked line) does move to the top of the list.
It would be more convenient to work with waypoints if the pointer moved to the next or previous point instead.
One would not need to scroll the list again to return back to the point one was at.

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Re: two small issues with waypoint manager

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Confirmed and posted to GPSrChive > GPSMAP 66 > Common Issues > {Bug 79} and {Bug 80}.

Reported to Garmin.

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