Merging tracks in BaseCamp

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Re: Merging tracks in BaseCamp

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GPSrChive wrote: Tue Feb 28, 2023 1:23 am I find it very peculiar that the [Shift] function works for you, but not the [Ctrl] function, and would like to try to find out what is different on your machine to cause this abnormality.
Before you wrote this post, I found BaseCamp's behavior on my computer to be weird. Yesterday when I went back to connect traces I found that BaseCamp works as in your instructions. Previously, this was not the case, after selecting join tracks from the context menu, selected tracks connected with random ends. Now a table appears before they join, just like when selecting join tracks from the Edit menu. Ctrl works too. It seems to be fine now, but why it was different before, I don't know.
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