Some maps not available in all countries?

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Some maps not available in all countries?

Post by dirigible »

I'm in Canada, and I'd like to purchase a TopoActive or similar map of Greenland. I can find one for purchase through Garmin's Great Britain site
but it's not available on their Canada site. Is there a reason for this? If I buy through the GB site, will the map still work for me?

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Re: Some maps not available in all countries?

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You may have to check with Garmin to be absolutely certain, but any maps purchased from Garmin website and downloaded to your device will be locked to that device. You must have the GPSr registered with a Garmin Account in Garmin Express, and use that same account when the map is purchased.

If they let you purchase it for that device, I see no reason why it will not work.

Please let us know what you decide either way, and how it turns out for you!
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