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Blue Bubbles

Post by luvvinbird »

Is there a way to sync Garmin Express among the three computers I have it installed on? For example, on my desktop PC I recently updated several of my Garmin receivers and the blue "updates available" bubbles vanished. But on my two laptops, the bubbles are there which means I must re-attach those same updated devices to clear those update bubbles. It's a minor annoyance but I felt I needed something to rant about, lol.
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Re: Blue Bubbles

Post by GPSrChive »

Oh, that is definitely annoying, and there is no fix for this behavior that I am aware of.

Just wait until Garmin Express has a stroke and forgets all your devices. Then you have to add them all again, like new, with account registration etc for each! This has happened to me more than once. And I currently have nearly 60 devices that use Garmin Express.
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