GPS chip failure?

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GPS chip failure?

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Sold my previous GPSMAP 66, and upgraded to Monterra for some reason. Sound-related function like navigation voice prompt and built-in music player apps were appealing to me.

So I bought used one from ebay, and really loved it until yesterday night. I was able to record my whole motorcycle riding with voice enabled navigation while listening to music or radio.

My Monterra does not getting GPS fix now. There is no visual GPS signal bar things on pre-installed satellite app. I installed 3rd party GPS Diagnostics apps, signal bars still not appearing. Since I know how GPS works, I just left my unit outside for ~20 minutes for cold start, but still no luck.

After resetting my unit, It started to work again. Turned my unit off after ride ends, waiting for two hours and turned back on again. No signal bars. Resetted my unit, and no signal bars, again. I just don't want to use my unit for pricey mp3 player.

This unit is relatively old, and used one. Maybe internal backup battery would be dead. Then there must be a way to replace dead battery myself. GPS Chip failure? no way. No repair service for Monterra in South Korea. I should be able to use mine whenever I ride, and nearest garmin service center is in taiwan. Sending my unit there will take long time, and I won't be able to use mine for over 2 weeks.

Why does it happen? I used my used unit for a month. Only used on motorcycle with appropriate mount holder, which is garmin official product. Didn't drop, submerge in water, or give any impact on it. other functions are perfectly normal.
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