Zumo XT

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Zumo XT

Unread post by skinnie »

Hello all,
I have the opportunity to buy a used Zumo XT at good price (with warranty and invoice), which I think could be a good add to my Suzuki Samurai 4x4, for general road use and some light offroad.
I never had a Zumo, but had GPSMaps, Dakotas, Edges, etc etc

Are the ZUMO XT similar? can I use OSM maps?
Regarding offroad, does it route offroad? If so what maps does it need?

Thank you
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Re: Zumo XT

Unread post by GPSrChive »

The Zumo XT and original Tread share the same hardware, with slightly different software installed.

These are automotive devices, and while they achieve similar results as the Outdoor devices, they do not operate in the same manner.

We do not have the Zumo XT for testing, so hopefully others will chime in with their experience.
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Re: Zumo XT

Unread post by KiwiGPS »

Highly recommend the Zumo XT - it's a motorcycle model and is pretty tough - very popular with off road riders. One of my customers bought the new Montana for his off-road motorbike but the powered mount is rubbish. Garmin replaced the mount twice then refunded the whole kit (all within 6 months) and he then bought an XT and has had no bother. This was 2+ years ago.

Yes, Open Project maps work just fine. Other customers have used them off road in New Zealand, the Road of Bones in Russia, in Utah off road etc.

There used to be a Zumo forum, based in US but it's no more so there is now a UK based one:
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