eTrex SE Firmware 3.40

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eTrex SE Firmware 3.40

Post by GPSrChive »

Garmin published eTrex SE Firmware version 3.40 on May 18, 2023:

Changes made to version 3.40:
  • Added support for waypoint notes.
  • Added option to save cities as waypoints.
  • Added QR code to phone pairing page.
  • Added Show/Hide on Map options to course and activity review pages.
  • Added settings page to install and check for updates.
  • Improved saving geocaches as waypoints.
  • Improved map to draw breaks in activity when paused.
  • Improved Geocache navigation to automatically stop after logging an attempt.
  • Fixed possible issue with straight line navigation back to start.
  • Fixed altitude on waypoint average.
  • Fixed sending activity names to Explore.
  • Fixed possible crash in tracking loop with some languages.
  • Fixed possible issues with emojis in Geocache names.
  • Fixed possible issue with uploading geocache logs and refreshing nearest geocaches.

Please report your observations about this firmware release, good or bad, here!
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Re: eTrex SE Firmware 3.40

Post by luvvinbird »

I have been having a lot of fun goofing around with this little guy. All functions that I've used are working as intended without crashes or freezing, etc. I think the Garmin team that put this one together got it right, unlike the team that put the 67 together, lol. I like the addition of the check for updates feature, too. For whatever reason, Garmin Explore still shows version 3.10 whereas my device and GE show 3.40. Ooh that Garmin Explore, lol.
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