Key Lock and Rinex Bugs not Fixed

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Key Lock and Rinex Bugs not Fixed

Post by mimichris »

Indeed everything JungleJim writes now works without bug, what saddens me is that they did not fix a bug for me, the key lock, I would have liked it to be like the 66sr much more practical and without making double maneuvers.
Not to mention the Rinex, you can't do anything with the 67 one, maybe it doesn't matter to Garmin, but it's an interesting test, if they don't want to fix it then why leave it?
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Re: Key Lock and Rinex Bugs not Fixed

Post by JungleJim »

A simple explanation for RINEX not being fixed could be that it is taking them more time to fix it than the +- 6 weeks since the 4.80 release...

My guess is that they have a small team working on the GPSMAP 67 device software, and (unfortunately) there's enough to work on for the team :P
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