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*** WANTED: Garmin Adventure Files ***

Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2019 1:03 am
by gpsrchive
Everyone probably knows by now that Garmin ended their support for Adventures in May 2018. Well, they stopped hosting them and making them searchable through BaseCamp, but they can still be used with BaseCamp and loaded and used on your Favorite compatible Garmin GPSr. Even the newly released GPSMAP 66 supports them!

We would like to build a database of Garmin Adventures here at for everyone to access, but first we need your Garmin Adventure files!

On most PC's, they are stored in the following directory:


{username} is your account name for the PC
{version} is the BaseCamp version - The most recent being 4.7, but you may also have 4.6, 4.5, etc.

In the Adventures directory (there may be one under each BaseCamp version - use the highest number), you will find folders with names that look similar to old Windows License Keys with the extension .adb:


Please select the 'Adventures' folder, right click, Send to, Compressed (zipped) folder, and windows will create an '' file you can email to

If the .zip archive is too large to email, and you have dropbox or another file hosting service, please upload it and send us the link at

Another option is to Select a few of the *.adb folders at a time and right click, Send to, Compressed (zipped) folder, saving with a simple name like Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, etc. until you have saved them all (do not rename individual adventure files), then send each individual *.zip file via email to

Please do this ASAP and keep watch for some Adventure hosting soon here at!!

Thank You!!!!