Common Issues


Error Reporting




  1. VIRB Elite drops Garmin Tempe connection below 0°C (32°F). [Garmin] [22NOV13] [2.60] [2.70] [2.80] [3.00]
  2. VIRB Elite unable to pair successfully with some cadence sensors. [video] [24NOV13] [2.80] [Resolved 3.00]
  3. VIRB Elite recorded elevation is frequently off by several hundred feet. [video] [12DEC13] [2.80]

Crash Reports

  1. VIRB locks up after >24 minutes of continuous recording in Full HD, resulting in a partial loss of recorded video. VIRB will not respond to user input, requiring battery removal to power cycle and return VIRB to normal operation. [Garmin] [video] [13DEC13] [2.80] [3.00]
  2. WiFi stops working and VIRB crashes after attempting to reset WiFi settings. [Garmin] [21DEC13] [3.10]

Hardware Failures

Missing Features

  1. Please include function to manually calibrate altimeter similar to other Garmin GPSr [29DEC13]

Requested Features

  1. Please include a Satellite Data dashboard to display GPS accuracy, location, and elevation information. [Garmin] [07DEC13]