What will Southwest Trails look like on my device?

Southwest Trails is a transparent map, and contains trail information only. While Southwest Trails can be used independently as a stand alone map, it is intended to compliment your preferred street and/or topographic maps. Southwest Trails map data is always displayed above any additional maps enabled on your GPSr. Below are some example screenshots of the Southwest Trails map combined with various basemaps, taken from multiple devices:

Oregon 650

SS 6xx 131015 01.png

SS 6xx 131015 02.png

SS 6xx 131015 03.png

SS 6xx 131015 04.png

Montana 650

SS 6x0 131015 01.png

SS 6x0 131015 02.png

SS 6x0 131015 03.png

SS 6x0 131015 04.png


SS BC 131015 01.png

SS BC 131015 02.png