Über User


Do more with your Garmin Montana GPSr.

Apply these power user tips, tricks, and techniques to add functionality, improve appearance, increase performance,
and otherwise enhance your Garmin Montana GPSr experience.

Custom Icons | Create custom icons to make your Montana stand out on any computer!

Custom Symbols | Modify existing Waypoint Symbols or create your own Custom Waypoint Symbols.

Custom Wallpaper | Create custom wallpapers to give your profiles a more functional and personalized appearance!

Custom Vehicles | Find, load and select which icons are used to indicate the current position on the Map screen.

Custom Voices | Choose a voice to provide vocal guidance when used with compatible routable maps and an external audio device.

Custom Startup Message | Create a special splash screen message to be displayed while your Montana is powering up.

Clone Your GPSr | Create a Virtual GPSr Flash Drive and use it with any computer.

Portable Applications | Run your favorite software applications directly from the Montana GPSr!

Enable Maps in BaseCamp | Choose which maps from your GPSr will be available in BaseCamp.