Device Overview | Garmin Montana GPSr at a glance.

Status Page | Quic access to screen lock/unlock, display brightness, and volume controls.

Shortcuts | Launch applications, switch profiles, apply settings and start navigating with one touch.

Dashboards | Dashboards allow you to see and do more without leaving the active application.

Data Fields | A complete list of available Data Fields with operational descriptions and visual examples.

Keyboard | Data entry and the Garmin Montana.

Power Sources | The Garmin Montana sets a new standard in versatility with more power options than any other handheld GPSr.

Mass Storage Mode | Enables computer access the Montana and uSD card (when installed).

Files & Folders | Garmin Montana common file and folder structure reference.

Screen Capture | Use the Power Button to save screen shots to internal memory.

Backup | Create archival copies of your Montana for future reference and/or recovery.

Recovery | Restore a malfunctioning Montana GPSr to its former glory.

Diagnostics | Troubleshooting assistance for common Montana issues.

POI (Points of Interest) | Upload customized points of interest (POIs) to your Montana.