The Montana improves on Garmins class leading engineering with several new advanced features, many never previously available on any handheld GPSr.

Customizable Home Screen

Whether you visit the same place often, frequently switch between maps, or need to continually change settings and/or access common shortcuts, Montana's fully customizable home screen has room to place up to 16 items per page from the [Where To?] [Setup] and [Shortcuts] menus.

Adaptable Controls

Don’t like the way something is set up? No worries. With a tap of a button, you can configure your applications easily and quickly with adaptable controls. Have to mount on the right handle bar? No problem. Montana can accommodate left or right-handed setups based on the screen orientation.

Intelligent Wallpaper

Switches between “night mode” and "day mode" automatically so your eyes can stay focused at sunrise and sunset, and changes orientation from "portrait mode" to "landscape mode" based on how you are using the Montana.

Smarter Profiles

Montana’s smarter profiles remember which profile you were using, based on the mount used, so when you’re off-roading or trying to find a bike shop, it will put you in the right frame of mind so you can get on your way quickly.

Smarter Activities

Garmin added new Activity types to help customize the way routes are calculated based on what you’re doing. These new Activities include: Tour Cycling, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Mountaineering and ATV/Off Road Driving. When an Activity is selected, additional ways to configure that Activity are presented, including Calculation Method, Avoidances, and Recalculation settings. Due to their relevance, some of these settings are only available in certain Activities. Each Activity has its own set of specific, applicable avoidances. For example, when routing with the Hiking Activity, “Narrow Trails” can optionally be avoided, but when set to Motorcycle Driving this avoidance is not available. Garmin also added a new route calculation method, “Minimize Ascent,” because going somewhere on your own horsepower is a different situation than letting a vehicle do the work for you. To make sure things work exactly the way you want them to, they’ve taken routing one step further by remembering your routing settings for each Activity type in each Profile. This allows ultimate configurability of switching Activities both inside a Profile and across Profiles.

Geocaching with Photos

Having trouble finding that geocache? Want to know more about the area you’re hunting for geocaches in? Or are you just getting tired of printing puzzles to take with you? The launch of photo support on OpenCaching.com brings a whole new dimension to your geocaching experience, and with it comes game-changing new functionality to supported Garmin handhelds. With Montana firmware version 3.80 (or later), you can automatically receive geocache photos alongside your geocaches when syncing with OpenCaching.com. These photos can then be viewed on your handheld while reviewing a geocache.