Common Issues

Error Reporting




1. When logging a geocache as 'Found' on a GPSMAP 66 with [Setup] > [Geocaching] > [Geocaching Live] > [Auto Upload Logs] = [On], the uploaded log reads 'Submitted via Garmin Oregon 7xx'. [forum]   [210] [250] [280]
2. After disconnecting external power from a GPSMAP 66 that is powered up and running, with [Setup] > [Expedition Mode] = [Prompted], the user is given the option to 'Turn Off' or 'Stay On', and selecting 'Turn Off' results in a complete shut down opposed to entering 'Expedition Mode', as expected.   [210] [250] [280] [290] [300] [310]
3. Geocaching description does not retain it's place when switching between pages, always returning to the top of page. (747) [210] [250] [280] [290] [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420] [470]
4. Frequently, the Bluetooth Setup Status will display 'Connecting...' indefinitely, requiring the user to either A. Open the Garmin Connect application on the paired Android Device to complete the connection, or B. Delete both devices from each other and repeat the pairing process as new. (865) [210] [250] [280] [290] [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410]
5. BirdsEye Direct Map Behavior Issue (Requires BirdsEye Satellite Imagery loaded on GPSr):
  1. Open BirdsEye Direct
  2. Select desired map
  3. Select [View Map]
  4. Use +/- to zoom map as desired
  5. Use D-PAD to scroll map as desired
  6. Press (Exit)
  7. Use D-PAD to scroll map as desired
  8. Map jumps to a random position away from BirdsEye map position
(743) [210] [250] [280] [290] [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420]
6. The 'Go' button on the Geocaching > Chirp > Information page is displayed almost entirely off the bottom of the screen and is unusable. [example] (See Bug 32 for temporary work-around)   [210] [250] [280] [290] [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420] [470]
7. The Chirp Icon in the Active Geocache menu does not change color to indicate the presence of Chirp Data, as with previous models. (728) [210] [250]
8. The Geocache Dashboard does not add an ANT logo near the top left of the Compass to indicate chirp data is present, as with previous models. (728) [210] [250]
9. Pre-made/Custom Geocaching Filters can not be accessed or used from Geocaching page. (731) [210] [250]
10. After initiating a Master Reset during power up and selecting 'Cancel', the GPSMAP 66 still proceeds with and completes a Master Reset.   [210] [250]
11. After enabling 'Lock Keys' in Status page, the previously active page the status menu was entered from becomes frozen (if page ribbon was displayed, it is frozen on display, if compass page was active, compass remains frozen). (740) [210] [250] [280] [290] [300]
12. Custom Dashboard navigation issue:
  1. While navigating on Map page, 'When Navigating' Dashboard is correctly displayed.
  2. Select (Menu) > [Stop Navigation] and 'When Not Navigating' Dashboard is not displayed. (This is the problem)
  3. Exit Map page and re-open Map page and 'When Not Navigating' Dashboard is now displayed.
  4. Select (Menu) > [Resume Navigation] and 'When Navigating' Dashboard is immediately displayed.
(738) [210] [250]
13. Large Temperature data field displays small text (identical to what is found in small Temperature data field) and is not centered properly in the large data field. [example]   [210] [250]
14. In Active Route page: User can scroll up/down one item at a time and select with 'Enter' button, but once detailed turn view is displayed, they can not scroll to the previous or next detailed turn like with previous GPSr (Oregon 6x0, 7x0, Montana, etc.). D-PAD buttons do nothing, +/- buttons do nothing. Should be able to scroll through detailed turn info without having to exit to menu each time. (737) [210] [250] [280] [290] [300] [310]
15. In the Geocache List view, after pressing (Menu) and selecting [Filter], changing filter settings, then pressing (Quit) to return to the Geocache List view, the list of geocaches is not updated to reflect the filter changes made. The user must first exit and return to the Geocache List view before the geocache list is updated to reflect the new filter settings.   [210] [250]
16. After selecting an Adventure and starting navigation, then opening the Active Route page, waypoints are listed by incorrect distance, displayed in negative feet [example]. (735) [210] [250]
17. Map Selection: GPSMAP 66 is unable to remember map selection preferences over a power cycle. Regardless of which maps are enabled/disabled, each power cycle results in all maps (other than BirdsEye) being enabled.   [210] [250]
18. When powered off while connected to an external (USB) power source, the GPSMAP 66 continues to display the animated 'Battery Charging' screen indefinitely, even after the battery has been fully charged. The non animated 'Fully Charged' screen never appears as it does with other Garmin GPSr.   [210] [250]
19. The GPSMAP 66 does not retain Geocache Filter settings after a power cycle.   [210] [250]
20. GGZ Files are not always properly indexed/displayed - GGZ files that function correctly on other Garmin GPSr (Oregon 6x0/7x0, Montana, etc.) units are not displayed on the Map page or in the Geocache List. (733) [210] [250]
21. When editing Geocache 'Next Stage' coordinates, the Up/Down arrows do not adjust selected number higher/lower as expected. (732) [210] [250]
22. After locating a blank chirp and selecting 'No' when asked if programming is desired, the chirp menu is exited and the user is left with no ability to re-enter the chirp menu to access other chirp functions until after a power cycle has been performed. (727) [210] [250] [280] [290] [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420] [470] [480] [490] [500] [600]
23. Sensors do not show up in Status Page when none are enabled, preventing quick access by user. [Garmin: "This is intended behavior to prevent cluttering the Status page"]   [210]
24. Intermittently, the high temp for the left-most day in the weather forecast page and the high temp for the current day are not displayed.   [210] [250] [280]
25. Selecting [Where To?] > [Recent Finds] can result in several Ghost Waypoints being displayed, each with coordinates near null island. (730) [210] [250]
26. "Cannot authenticate maps. Contact the map content seller for help." may be displayed at power up after installing an OSM map product. (Garmin: "UTF-8/Unicode maps must be signed, use Latin version when available") (750) [210]
27. Scale Numbers appear to be improperly aligned in Marine Tide Table Charts. [example] (748) [210] [250] [280] [290] [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420] [470]
28. The Weather page will intermittently display only three hours of forecast information, leaving the fourth hour empty.   [210] [250] [280] [290] [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420] [470] [480] [490] [500] [600]
29. BirdsEye Satellite Imagery maps are not scaled the same on the GPSMAP 66 as when displayed in BaseCamp. Which is correct? Which is distorted? [example 1] [example 2]   [210] [250] [280] [290] [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420]
30. Intermittently, waypoint distances listed in the Waypoint Manager page will suddenly change from actual distance to the approximate distance to null island. [example]   [210]
31. Currently, there are no visual indications as to which maps are enabled or disabled in the [Map > Setup > Custom Maps] list.   [210] [250] [280] [290] [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420] [470]
32. With chirp data loaded, selecting [chirp] from the 'Active Geocache Tab' in the Geocaching page displays the chirp information page partially pushed off the bottom of the screen by the [chirp Searching] = [on/off] function, obfuscating and rendering useless the [Go] button which can not be highlighted anyway (See Bug 6). Interestingly enough, cycling the (Power) button here incorrectly initiates the mostly hidden [Go] function. [example] (937) [210] [250] [280] [290] [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420] [430]
33. After entering the PIN to program a chirp, the user is returned to the [Setup] > [Geocaching] menu with no options highlighted, and each press of the (up)/(down) buttons results in one of the chirp editing menu functions being drawn over the top of the existing menu. [example]   [250] [280] [290] [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420] [470] [480] [490] [500] [600]
34. The Geocache Dashboard always shows the ANT logo near the Compass with [Setup] > [Geocaching] > [chirp Searching] = [On] and:
  1. With no active destination (not navigating)
  2. When navigating to a destination other than chirp coordinates
  3. With no chirp data loaded to the device
(773) [250] [280] [290] [300]
35. After completing a [Setup] > [Reset] > [Reset All Settings], the user may be prompted with a 'Select Desired Language' menu some time later, after having already begun using the GPSr. (778) [250] [280]
36. When sending geocaches to compatible Garmin GPSr using the Share Wirelessly feature, the geocache name and coordinates are transferred while the geocache description, hints and logs are not, producing a useless geocache file on the receiving GPSr. [example] (764) [250] [280] [290] [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420] [470] [480] [490] [500] [600]
37. The Geocache List Search function intermittently fails to locate geocaches loaded to the device. (may be related to Bug 43) [example] (787) [250] [280]
38. Using any of the 11 available Geocache Type filters results in all geocaches of types 'Geocache', 'Project APE Cache', 'Locationless (Reverse) Cache', 'Geocache Course (Maze Exhibit)', 'Giga-Event', 'Other Cache', and 'Lab-Cache' also being disabled. Restoring any Geocache Type filter only returns geocaches of like type to the geocache map and geocache list views, while the previously listed geocache types remain permanently hidden, leaving the user with no option or method to restore them (other than an undesirable hard-reset). [Firmware 2.50 added a 'Show All' geocache filter, however the unwanted filtering issue remains unresolved.]   [210] [250] [280] [290] [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420] [470] [480] [490] [500] [600]
39. POIs with proximity alerts sent to the GPSMAP 66 using Garmin POI Loader 2.7.3 may fail to alert as expected. [groundspeak] (770) [250] [280] [290] [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420] [470] [480] [490] [500] [600]
40. After choosing a geocache, selecting 'Go', and then opening the Geocaching page, the GPSMAP 66 may return to the 'Geocache List' again, requiring the user to repeat the geocache selection and begin navigation sequence before finally displaying the 'Active Geocache' page as expected once navigation to the geocache has begun. [groundspeak]   [250] [280]
41. With [Setup] > [Position Format] = [hddd°mm.mmm'] selected, coordinates are actually displayed as hddd°mm.mmmm'. (related to Feature Request 11) (777) [250] [280] [290] [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420] [470]
42. Geocache indexing behavior can produce incomplete results when viewed at higher zoom levels. Comparable Garmin GPSr units do not produce the same results with identical files loaded. [example] (786) [250] [280]
43. Geocaches loaded via GCLive may fail to appear in either the Geocache List or Geocache Map, but can be found in the 'Recent Finds' menu (may be related to Bug 37). [groundspeak] (787) [250] [280]
44. Attempting to connect with a HRM-Dual always returns the message "Multiple Sensors Found', and a connection is never made. [forum] (687) [250] [280] [290] [300] [310]
45. [Setup] > [Units] configuration is not Profile dependent, unlike previous and/or similar Garmin GPSr. [groundspeak] [Garmin: "This is an intentional change intended to simplify device operation"]   [250] [280] [290] [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420] [470] [480] [490] [500] [600]
46. [Waypoint Manager] > (Menu) > [Select Symbol] > {any symbol} > (Menu) > [Delete All] option is absent from firmware 2.90. [forum] [Garmin: "This change was made intentionally to prevent Crash 4"] [GPSrChive: "This feature is present and functional on similar models, please resolve without removing capability"] (808) [290] [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420] [470] [480] [490] [500] [600]
47. [Waypoint Manager] > (Menu) > [Sort] > [Alphabetical] > (Menu) > [Select Symbol] > {any symbol} results in an endless list of Ghost Waypoints at bottom of waypoint list. Scrolling from one Ghost Waypoint to the next results in brief display of a random waypoint. [example] (809) [280] [290] [300]
48. [Photo Viewer] > (Menu) > [Sort Photos] results in a menu titled "Select A Location To Display Photos Near" with the three options below:
  1. Most Recently (not a 'location to display photos near')
  2. Near A Location (redundant, repeats menu title)
  3. On A Specific Date (not a 'location to display photos near')

[Photo Viewer] > (Menu) > [Sort Photos] menu should be titled "Select A Photo Sorting Option" (or similar) while retaining the same three options.

(810) [280] [290] [300]
49. [Photo Viewer] > (Menu) > [Sort Photos] > [On A Specific Date] always shows all photos loaded, regardless of date chosen. [Garmin: "The photo viewer will scroll you to photos that were taken on the specified date - It will not filter or hide photos that are from other dates."] (812) [280] [290] [300]
50. Pressing (Menu) > (Menu) > {any function} > (Quit) from any active page returns the user to the page immediately preceding the 'Main Menu' icon in the Page Ribbon sequence, instead of returning the user to the page that was active when the '(Menu) > (Menu)' function was initiated. This only occurs if the 'Main Menu' icon is included in the Page Ribbon sequence. Removing the 'Main Menu' icon from the Page Ribbon sequence restores proper function. (822) [210] [250] [280] [290] [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420] [470]
51. Elevation data saved in track logs recorded with Expedition Mode enabled may be erratic, inconsistent and/or unreliable. [forum] (816) [250] [280] [290] [300] [310]
52. Routing method does not change when switching between Profiles where the new profile routing method is set to 'Prompted' (should be Profile Dependent). [forum] [forum]   [250] [280] [290] [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420] [470] [480] [490] [500] [600]
53. The boot process may intermittently stall at the "Loading Waypoints, Tracks, and Routes..." progress bar for several hours. [forum] [potential solution]   [280] [290] [300]
54. GPSMAP 66 will not power on after disconnecting from a USB 'Mass Storage' connection with [Setup > Altimeter > Pressure Trending = Save Always] until a USB connection is restored. [forum] (821) [280] [290] [300] [310]
55. GC Live function fails to download any additional child waypoints (Parking, Multi-cache stages, etc.) when available, effectively rendering the GC Live 'feature' useless for a large percentage of available geocaches. [groundspeak] (825) [210] [250] [280] [290] [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420] [470]
56. Cycling the power button to 'Resume' from Expedition Mode frequently results in an (indicated) total satellite connection failure. All GPS signal strength bars will be empty, the Map page will show a blinking "?" over the position icon (which is still located at the last place the GPSr had a signal), and the Satellite page will show zero satellites available. [forum] [forum]   [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420]
57. Custom Maps (KMZ) placed in the [micro-SD]\Garmin\CustomMaps\ directory are not indexed or displayed, contradictory to all previous generations of Garmin GPSr supporting Custom Maps.   [210] [250] [280] [290] [300] [310]
58. While in the Satellite page, pressing (Find) and selecting any waypoint, geocache, etc. results in the [Use] button being displayed (which is use-less) instead of the [Go] button, WHEN the Satellite page is entered from the Page Ribbon. [groundspeak] [example]   [210] [250] [280] [290] [300] [310] [320] [330]
59. Garmin Adventure icons are not always displayed correctly on the GPSMAP 66 (same Garmin Adventure icon displays properly on similar GPSr). [example] (840) [210] [250] [280] [290] [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420] [470]
60. Map rendering speed is noticeably slower (can be very slow) when a dashboard is enabled, most notably the Geocache and Satellite dashboards. [forum] (850) [210] [250] [280] [290] [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420] [470] [480] [490] [500] [600]
61. Some users report the ° symbol is missing in [Setup] > [Position Format] > [hdddmm.mmm'], which should read hddd°mm.mmm'. This issue affects coordinates displayed throughout the device and is persistent even after changing language settings. [example] [forum] [FIX]   [All]
62. GPSMAP 66 - Main Menu Corruption [example]
  1. Press (Menu) > (Menu) > [Setup] > [Menus] > [Menu Style] = [Big Grid].
  2. Press (Menu) > (Menu).
  3. Press D-PAD (Down) repeatedly until you have reached the bottom or end of the Main Menu.
  4. If the bottom row has only one icon on the left with a blank space on the right:
  5. Press D-PAD (Down) > (Up).
  6. The previously blank space on the right will now show the title for one Main Menu Icon above the graphic of another.
  7. This new 'Corrupted Icon' is not selectable.
(855) [310] [330]
63. When [Setup] > [Map] > [Orientation] = [Track Up], the Map page frequently fails to display map data near the bottom of the screen. [examples] [forum] (861) [310]
64. Speed Limit data field may not function as expected. [examples] (860) [310]
65. Automotive Turn data field may not function as expected. [examples] (860) [310]
66. While viewing both 'Altitude' and 'GPS Altitude' Trip Computer data fields with [Setup] > [Altimeter] > [Auto Calibration] = [Continuous] and [Setup] > [Recording] > [Auto Start] = [Off] selected: [forum]
  1. When 'Recording Controls' page shows no track log data (no active recording), both 'Altitude' and 'GPS Altitude' data fields will mirror each other.
  2. When 'Recording Controls' page shows track log data (active or paused), the 'Altitude' and 'GPS Altitude' data fields no longer mirror each other.
(864) [210] [250] [280] [290] [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420] [470]
67. When navigating to 'Next Stage' coordinates for a geocache that does not exist in any GPX or GGZ file, the Geocaching page no longer displays the description for the parent geocache, which often includes critical information required to complete the search. [garmin de] (863) [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420] [470] [480] [490] [500] [600]
68. Tracklogs created with Expedition Mode active are frequently reported with tens of thousands of additional miles beyond actual distance traveled in both the 'Activity Distance' data field and saved GPX file '<gpxtrkx:Distance>' tag. [example] [forum]   [210] [250] [280] [290] [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410]
69. Map page menu options 'Show Dashboard', 'Hide Dashboard' and 'Geocache Filter' are always displayed in English, regardless of user selected language. [example] [forum] (875) [330] [340] [410] [420] [470]
70. Saved Track Elevation Plot Cursor Control Issue - The behavior described below in step 8 should (is expected to) occur following steps 6 and 7, not the behavior described in step 9: [forum]
  1. Open any recorded activity or saved track
  2. Select the Elevation Profile Tab
  3. Press D-PAD (Up) or (Down) to swap active cursor between upper and lower windows
  4. Press D-PAD (Left) or (Right) to move cursor along elevation profile
  5. Press (Menu) > [View Map] to view track map at cursor position
  6. Press (Quit) to exit Map View and return to Elevation Profile Tab
  7. Pressing D-PAD (Up) or (Down) continues to swap active cursor between upper and lower windows
  8. Pressing D-PAD (Left) or (Right) should move cursor along elevation profile
  9. Pressing D-PAD (Left) or (Right) actually cycles between available Tabs (Map, Info, Elevation)
(881) [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420] [470]
71. EPO.BIN file does not always update with Wi-Fi enabled or when performing a 'sync' operation with Garmin Connect. [forum]   [340] [410] [420] [470]
72. Multiple tracklog statistics do not properly reset after clearing a tracklog in the Recording Controls page, including Minimum and Maximum Elevation, Total Ascent and Descent, and Calories. [forum] (888) [340] [410]
73. Selecting (Find) > [Cities] > [Spell Search] can provide an extremely sluggish response to user input and displayed results, and may result in [crash 8]. [example 1] [example 2] [forum] (887) [310] [330] [340] [410] [420] [470] [480] [490] [500] [600]
74. Selecting [Setup] > [Sensors] > [Fitness] > [Bike Spd/Cad Sensor] > [Status] > [Off] has no affect on sensor status, which always remains in 'Searching' mode. [example] (884) [340] [410]
75. Saved waypoint symbols do not always agree between map display and waypoint manager display. [example] (885) [340] [410] [420]
76. After opening the Status page (cycle power button) and selecting 'Weather', 'Wi-Fi', 'Bluetooth', 'Sensors' or 'Notifications', and then pressing (Quit), the user is returned to the Status page, as expected. However, after selecting 'Activity Recording' in the Status page and then pressing (Quit), the user is not returned to the Status page, which is unexpected. [forum] (882) [340] [410] [420] [470]
77. Adventures may randomly lose data and/or disappear from the device, and the user may find Adventure data files moved and/or deleted between microSD card and internal memory.   [340] [410] [420] [470] [480] [490] [500] [600]
78. Geocaching quick filter selections are not always properly retained. [similar to Oregon 6x0 Bug 11, Oregon 7x0 Bug 44, and eTrex Touch Bug 8]
  1. Open Geocaching page
  2. Press (Menu)
  3. Select [Filter]
  4. Press (Menu)
  5. Select [Apply a Saved Filter]
  6. Select [Virtual]
  7. The Virtual icon is selected, all other types are greyed out (as expected)
  8. Select [Types]
  9. Press (Enter)
  10. All cache icon types are enabled ('Virtual' was just selected)
  [250] [280] [290] [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420] [470]
79. Immediately after opening the Waypoint Manager page, while the waypoint list is populating, the user can D-PAD Up to jump to the end of the waypoint list and D-PAD Down to get back to the beginning of the waypoint list, but once the waypoint list is fully populated, this function is no longer available. [forum]   [410] [420] [470]
80. After scrolling through pages of waypoints in the Waypoint Manager page list, then selecting and deleting a waypoint, the user is returned to the beginning of the waypoint list instead of being returned to the place in the list where they left off. [forum]   [410] [420] [470] [480] [490] [500] [600]
81. Recording Controls statistics for current track can become considerably skewed after device is without battery power or good GPS signal lock for a period of time. [forum]
  1. Power GPSr on and wait for good GPS signal and position fix. Check date and Time are correct, and note these values.
  2. Open Recording Controls page, clear the current activity and start recording a new activity.
  3. Note the time starts counting from zero in the Recording Controls Info Tab.
  4. Power down the GPSr and remove the batteries.
  5. Wait 30-120 minutes.
  6. If possible, move to an area or location with poor GPS reception (indoors, basement, etc.)
  7. Reinstall the batteries and power the GPSr on.
  8. Note that the time of day is incorrect while GPS position is unknown.
  9. If the time displayed is not incorrect while the GPSr searches for GPS signals, restart the entire procedure, leaving the batteries out of the device for a longer period of time.
  10. Open Recording Controls Info Tab and note the Time and Elapsed Activity Time data fields both still display a time similar to the time the GPSr was powered off.
  11. Move to a location with a good GPS signal.
  12. Note that the device time is corrected after the GPS signals are restored.
  13. Open Recording Controls Info Tab and note that the Elapsed Activity Time data field is off by many hours and
    • does not correspond to the actual time the device was powered off nor
    • the time the unit has been powered on since clearing the current activity in step 2.
  [410] [420] [470]
82. GPX tracklogs automatically saved to the Garmin/GPX/Archive directory with [Setup] > [Recording] > [Advanced Setup] > [GPX Auto Archive] > [Daily] always include a single trailing track point from the day the unit was next powered on, resulting in faulty calculation of tracklog properties (example: total time or distance value after moving a large distance and/or waiting several days before powering unit back on). [forum]   [250] [280] [290] [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420] [470]
83. After selecting (Find) > [Addresses] > [Number] the English keyboard is always displayed, regardless of keyboard language selected. Entering any single digit results in the keyboard shifting to a lowercase layout without any numbers displayed, requiring the user to select and enable the number pad before they can complete address number entry. This behavior exists only when the keyboard is configured for any language other than English. [forum]   [410] [420] [470] [480] [490] [500] [600]
84. Intermittently, the GPSMAP 66 may fail to show available waypoints, tracks, and routes loaded to the device, sometimes accompanied by a 'Database Error' warning message. Multiple power cycles may be required before the GPSR correctly rebuilds the internal database. [forum   [420]
85. Each time the Current Track (GPX) is archived as configured in [Setup] > [Recording] > [Advanced] > [Auto Save], all Activity (FIT) data is discarded and permanently lost. Perhaps the option to also create a FIT file when auto archiving should be available to the user? [forum]   [420] [470]
86. After starting navigation to a geocache child waypoint via 'Additional Waypoints', the Geocaching page no longer provides access to 'parent geocache' information. This behavior is inconsistent with other Garmin models (Montana 7x0). [forum]   [470] [480] [490] [500] [600]
87. Device is unable to connect to Wi-Fi networks with hidden SSID. (may be related to crash 10) (1015) [250] [280] [290] [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420] [470] [480] [490] [500] [600]
88. Panning the Map page to a new location and pressing (Find) > {any category} always provides a search result in proximity to the devices current location instead of the selected map location. [forum]   [420] [470] [480] [490] [500] [600]
89. The Setup Menu frequently appears in part or whole, interfering with and inhibiting normal device operation (especially when Wi-Fi is enabled but not connected). [example] [garmin] (1026) (1027) [470] [480] [490] [500] [600]
90. Garmin Adventure Photos loaded to the microSD card are not properly indexed or displayed when sorted by 'Most Recent' in 'Photo Viewer' page, but are properly displayed when viewed from Adventure Content page.   [470] [480] [490] [500] [600]
91. Users with a large number of individual maps loaded may be unable to access one or more (or all) BirdsEye Satellite Imagery menu options in the Map page configuration menu. [example] [forum]   [420] [470] [480] [490] [500] [600]
92. Programming a blank chirp frequently results in a 'Data Transmission Failed' message being displayed, even after chirp programming was successful.   [470] [480] [490] [500] [600]
93. Geocaches loaded via 'Share Wirelessly' do not include child waypoints.   [470] [480] [490] [500] [600]
94. When adjusting the GPSMAP 66 backlight brightness from the Status page (00%, NV, 10%, 20%, 30% ... 90%, 100%) to '10%', the display is darker than when 'NV' is selected (should be brighter than 'NV', but appears to be identical to '00%').   [480] [490] [500] [600]
95. Starting the GPSMAP 66 with geocache proximity alerts enabled while several hundred geocaches are loaded via GGZ files frequently results in a substantially longer boot sequence duration. [forum] (1031) [480] [490]
96. Geocache 'Child Waypoints' are always displayed by 'Code', and never by 'Name', regardless of the user selection in Geocaching Setup.   [470] [480] [490] [500] [600]
97. After beginning navigation to a geocache child waypoint, having just selecting the child waypoint from the Geocache page 'Additional Waypoints' menu, the user no longer has access to the parent geocache information from the Geocaching page. Child Waypoints (or 'Additional Waypoints') should always be treated as 'Via Points' when selected from 'Additional Waypoints' menu.   [490] [500] [600]
98. Custom Waypoint Symbols loaded to the device with names including a 'Hot Spot' are ignored and not displayed. (1047) [250] [280] [290] [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420] [470] [480] [490] [500] [600]
99. Waypoint Manager does not allow the user to jump to the bottom of the waypoint list by pressing D-PAD Up from the top of the list, nor can the user jump to the top of the waypoint list by pressing D-PAD Down from the bottom of the list. This behavior is inconsistent when compared to other lists on the same device (Recorded Activities, Active Route, Saved Tracks, Route Planner, Profiles, etc.) or when compared to previous Garmin GPSr Waypoint Manager list behaviors (eTrex Vista HCx, etc.). [forum]   [250] [280] [290] [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420] [470] [480] [490] [500] [600]
100. Selecting [Share Wirelessly > Send > Photos] when no photos are loaded on the device can result in an erratic display alternating between the Main Menu page and Share Wirelessly page. [garmin]   [490] [500] [600]
101. Tracklogs recorded on the GPSMAP 66 may exhibit intermittent time shifts spanning months or years. [forum] [forum]   [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420] [470] [480] [490] [500] [600]
102. Sending and receiving geocaches via Share Wirelessly frequently fails.   [600]
103. Sending and receiving waypoints via Share Wirelessly frequently fails.   [600]
104. Sending and receiving tracks via Share Wirelessly frequently fails. [groundspeak]   [600]
105. Sending and receiving routes via Share Wirelessly frequently fails.   [600]
106. Sending and receiving photos via Share Wirelessly frequently fails.   [600]
107. Sending and receiving custom maps via Share Wirelessly frequently fails.   [600]
108. Geocache Proximity Alerts only sound for the first geocache approached after each power cycle. [forum]   [600]
109. FIT files may record/report incorrect or exaggerated Total Ascent values. [garmin]   [600]
110. FIT files may record/report incorrect or exaggerated Total Distance values. [garmin]   [600]


Crash Reports

1. Selecting [Waypoint Manager] > [Menu] > [Delete All] > [Delete] always results in a device crash. (745) [210] [250]
2. After editing next stage coordinates in Geocaching page and selecting 'Done', GPSMAP 66 frequently locks up and crashes after returning to Geocache Menu.   [210]
3. With [Map] > [Setup] > [Dashboards] = [Custom] + [Map] > [Setup] > [Dashboards] > [When Navigating] = [Automotive] + [Map] > [Setup] > [Dashboards] > [When Not Navigating] = {abc} + Map page open + Navigating to a destination + Press (Menu) and select [Stop Navigation] results in a device crash, where {abc} =
  • Satellite
  • Compass
  • Geocache
  • Stopwatch
With [Map] > [Setup] > [Dashboards] = {xyz} + Map page open + Navigating to any destination + Press (Menu) and select [Stop Navigation] results in a device crash, where {xyz} =
  • Geocache
  • Stopwatch
(753) [250] [280] [290]
4. Selecting [Waypoint Manager] > (Menu) > [Select Symbol] > {any symbol} > [Menu] > [Delete All] > [Delete] results in a device freeze and/or crash. [forum] [Instead of solving the underlying issue, the Garmin software engineers solution was to completely remove this (commonly available on other Garmin products) feature from the device, creating Bug 46 in the process] (756) [250] [280] [290]
5. When navigating to the 'second' 'next stage' of a multi-cache after having just 'found' a multi-cache with multiple stages, the GPSr will freeze and/or crash. [groundspeak]   [250] [280] [290] [300] [310] [320] [330] [340] [410] [420] [470]
6. Performing the following procedure to move a waypoint on the Map Page frequently results in a device freeze and/or crash: [forum]
  1. place the cursor over a waypoint
  2. press (Enter)
  3. ensure the desired waypoint is selected if multiple objects are listed
  4. press (Enter)
  5. [Go] is selected – do not press (Enter)
  6. press (Menu)
  7. select [Edit Waypoint]
  8. press (Enter) to edit waypoint
  9. press (Menu)
  10. select [Move Waypoint]
  11. press (Enter)
  12. the Map page zooms out (why?)
  13. move the cursor to a new map location
  14. press (Enter) to move the waypoint to the new location
  15. press (Quit) to return to the edit waypoint screen
  16. press (Quit) to return to the [Go] screen
  17. press (Quit) to return to the waypoint selection screen (GPSMAP 66 may lock up here)
  18. press (Quit) to return to the Map Page (GPSMAP 66 crash occurs almost immediately)
(818) [250] [280] [290] [300] [310]
7. Panning the Map page with specific maps enabled frequently results in a complete lockup, requiring a battery pull/install to restart the device. Similar Garmin GPSr units do not exhibit this behavior when tested with the same maps. [video] [groundspeak] [forum]   [340] [410] [420] [470]
8. (Find) > [Cities] search function may intermittently result in a device crash. (may be related to bug 73) [video] [forum]   [310] [330] [340] [410] [420] [470] [480] [490] [500] [600]
9. Navigating to a geocache and selecting [Where To?] > [Stop Navigation] or pressing (Find) > [Stop Navigation] without logging the geocache (or navigating to a waypoint, route, etc. without arriving at destination) frequently results in a device hang or crash, requiring a battery pull to reboot device. [forum]   [340] [410] [420] [470] [480] [490] [500] [600]
10. When manually adding a Wi-Fi network, after entering the [SSID] and [Password] and then selecting [Done], the GPSMAP 66 crashes. (may be related to bug 87) [forum] [forum]   [470] [480] [490] [500] [600]
11. Selecting [Share Wirelessly > Send > Custom Maps > D-PAD {Left or RIght}] when no custom maps are loaded on the device can result in a device crash. [garmin]   [490] [500] [600]

Hardware Failures

1. After only a few weeks of use, the Micro-USB connector in the GPSMAP 66 has become very sloppy and loose fitting, allowing inserted USB cables to move around freely, frequently resulting in an 'external power lost' shut down due to unintentional cable release/poor connection.    
2. GPSMAP 66 users should be aware the bayonet lock for the battery cover is not IPX7 sealed, which can lead to corrosive build-up and potential failure when used in or near salt water environments. Special care should be taken to inspect and clean the bayonet locking mechanism regularly. [example] [forum]    
3. GPSMAP 66 users should be aware of a potential battery cover seal failure when using certain AA batteries. [groundspeak]    
4. Garmin GPSr employing hinged microSD card connections may fail to read data from an installed microSD card after the hinge lock is dislocated during rugged use or (more commonly) after a battery change is performed. [forum]    

Missing Features

1. Please improve child waypoint management within the Geocaching User Interface, providing direct access to child waypoints for the active geocache, similar to the Monterra. [forum]   [470]
2. Geocaching with Photos support seems to be MIA. Most Garmin outdoor units since the Colorado have had this feature, including the GPSMAP 62/64 series. [groundspeak] (943)  
3. Please include the '2 Small Data Fields' dashboard option available with previous GPSMAP series. [forum]    
4. Shortcuts to the Geocaching and Geocache Filters Pages are missing from the Map Page (Menu) when active navigation destination is a geocache. [forum] [groundspeak] (794) [320]
5. GPSMAP 66 does not ignore 'shaping points' set to 'will not alert' in routes created/edited in BaseCamp. [forum] (838)  
6. Shortcuts to the Geocaching and Geocache Filters Pages are missing from the Compass Page (Menu) when active navigation destination is a geocache. [forum] [groundspeak] (794)  
7. Please return 'Time to Destination' and 'Distance to Destination' data fields to Active Route list, similar to previous Garmin GPSr [eTrex Vista HCx] [forum]    
8. Map points triggering a Proximity Alert are not highlighted on the Map page display like they are on previous models such as the eTrex Vista HCx. [forum]    

Requested Features

1. Please include option to auto-upload logs to as a draft ('Field Notes'), allowing the user to edit them at a later time before publishing as a log. [forum] [groundspeak]    
2. Requiring nearly three hours time to download 60MB of BirdsEye Direct satellite imagery is... impractical to say the least. Please increase server speeds for this service. [example] [Potential Improvement in v300]   [300] [470]
3. Please update the unit firmware to allow battery charging from external power sources while in Expedition Mode (skipping the auto-shutdown process after the external power supply is removed, keeping the unit in Expedition Mode).    
4. Please update unit firmware to track and display 'DNF' geocaches using a 'Blue Frown' 'Geocache DNF.bmp' symbol the user can modify via 'CustomSymbols' directory. ( tracks DNF's, so should our GPSr!)    
5. Please add an option to disable the automatic power off countdown each time external power is lost (add 'Always {shut down} or {stay powered}' selection - similar to GPSMAP 60 series). [forum]    
6. Please include function to enable review and editing of geocache log notes saved on the device. [forum] [forum]    
7. Please update Geocache Descriptions to include Attribute information.    
8. Please add an option to 'Save Current Filter' in [Geocaching] > (Menu) > [Filter] > [Menu]. (774)  
9. Please update the Geocaching page Map Tab display (only - not the primary Map page) to include a progress bar indicating GCLive download progress (not GC List progress). [example] [forum]    
10. Please provide an alternate method (other than the power button) for the user to Lock and Unlock the Keys. [forum]    
11. Please include both hddd°mm.mmm' and hddd°mm.mmmm' options in [Setup] > [Position Format]. (related to Bug 41). [groundspeak] (777)  
12. Please include options for [Hide Dashboard] and [Show Dashboard] in the Map Page menu when a dashboard is enabled.   [320]
13. Please include 'Custom POIs' category when (A) 'changing item order' of the Find Menu icons, and when (B) adding a 'Where To?' category to the Main Menu (Sequence). [forum] [forum]    
14. Please update firmware to display geocache log dates in format specified by user. [forum]    
15. To minimize battery consumption, please reduce or disable the keyboard and display backlighting that occurs when any button is pressed while the keys are locked. [forum]    
16. With [Setup] > [Display] > [Battery Save] = [On], it is impossible for the user to determine if the GPSMAP 66 is in Battery Save Mode or powered off. Pressing the Power Button either exits Battery Save Mode or starts an undesired boot sequence if powered off. Perhaps the unit could briefly illuminate the key pad buttons when pressed while Battery Save Mode is active, or pulse the Notification LED (two quick pulses every 5 or 10 seconds) to indicate the unit is still powered on? [forum]    
17. Please update Wi-Fi settings to support WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) [forum]    
18. Please incorporate a new 'Satellite Availability' or 'Satellite Visibility' page for current and future models. [examples]    
19. Please add Elevation Delta to Map page Info Box (currently only shows direction and distance) for cursor position when panning map. [forum]    
20. Please add 'Full Scale' option to Elevation plot menu to automatically adjust the Y axis such that the top of the graph display is equal to the highest recorded value and the bottom of the graph display is equal to the lowest recorded value. [forum]    
21. Please introduce a simple notepad page that allows the user to create, edit and save geo-tagged alpha-numeric notes for future reference. [forum]    
22. As so many device settings are now global and no longer profile dependent, preventing the device user from creating their own low power consumption and/or high power consumption profiles, please create dedicated profiles for each (not expedition mode), or return control of device settings to the user creating their own profiles. Or compromise, and add an additional 'Global/Profile Dependent' option for settings that are currently Global only. [forum]    
23. Please include a menu option to enable the serial port without the need for the device being externally powered (like older units once did) to allow APRS tracking. [forum]    
24. Please include a menu option to 'Download BirdsEye' in the Map page menu for all devices equipped with BirdsEye Direct.    
25. Please include an option to display time as HH:MM:SS in Status Bar. [forum]    
26. The Elevation Plot application currently allows the user to view 'Elevation/Time', 'Elevation/Distance', 'Barometric Pressure', or 'Ambient Pressure' data. Please include option to view 'Temperature', 'Heart Rate', 'Cadence', 'Calories' and other data, when available. [forum]    
27. Please include a 'Status Bar Notification Icon' to indicate current 'Recording Controls' Activity Recording status, similar to inReach Tracking notification icon on inReach equipped devices (active "", paused "", and stopped "").    
28. Please configure 'Calories' data field to display as kilocalories or 'kcal' when [Setup > Units = Celsius]. [forum] [example] (988)  
29. Please link the display of track navigation high/low point symbols to the Map page user waypoint zoom value, providing the user with some control over when they are displayed.    
30. Improve geocache database functionality to download GCLive data for geocaches already present in GPX/GGZ format, allowing the user to choose between using GCLive or GPX/GGZ files when enabling or disabling 'Live Data' in [Geocaching] > [Filters] > [Geocache Files].    
31. Please enhance POI Alerts to include a 'Flash Display' option for users that: [forum]
  • Operate the device in noisy environments
  • Operate the device in sound sensitive environments
  • May be hearing impaired.
32. Please complete FIT file support to provide full import/export/navigation functionality similar to other fitness products. [forum]    
33. Please add 'Download Geocaches' selection to Map page option menu.    
34. Please enhance the 'MARK' button function as follows: [forum]
  • Press and Release = Same function as present
  • Press and Hold >2 and <5 seconds = Open Save Waypoint page with current position
  • Press and Hold >5 seconds = Save current position as new waypoint without additinal user input