GPSMAP 86sci Firmware Update 5.50

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GPSMAP 86sci Firmware Update 5.50

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GPSMAP 86sci Firmware Update 5.50 (30JAN20)

Changes made from version 5.40 to 5.50:
  • Added ability to display FIT Activities on the map
  • Added new setting to hide inReach messages on the map
  • Added the ability to edit the name of inReach Weather locations
  • Added the ability to change the forecast type when updating an inReach Weather forecast
  • Added time zone field to the inReach Weather forecast information page
  • Improved hiking route calculation performance
  • Fixed issue with using Spell Search to find cities in BirdsEye Direct
  • Fixed issue with editing coordinates
  • Fixed issue with deleting routes
  • Fixed issue with erroneous Track Archive Error dialog displaying at startup
  • Fixed keypad input preventing Wi-Fi networks from being added
  • Fixed issue with saving an inReach Message as a waypoint
  • Fixed issue with Bluetooth pairing to an iPhone 11
  • Fixed issue with displaying invalid positions in some position formats
  • Fixed issue with mismatched durations in Trip Computer and Recording Controls when using Expedition Mode
  • Fixed issue with scrolling a long message on the Message Details page
  • Fixed Message Details page layout when elevation is missing
Links available in Firmware page.

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