Expedition Mode Bug #56 satellite connection shut down

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Expedition Mode Bug #56 satellite connection shut down

Post by Spiney » Sat Nov 02, 2019 4:22 pm

I usually use my 66st with GNSS set to GPS + GALILEO and WAAS/EGNOS SBAS enabled (currently using device firmware 3.40/GPS firmware 2.70).

As per Bug #56 seen with several previous firmware iterations, if I enable Expedition Mode with this satellite setup, when it has entered EM and I press the power button to resume normal use, it simply turns the satellite connection off completely until the device is powered down and switched back on. At this point the rebooting changes the satellite set up to GPS only and WAAS/EGNOS disabled and EM seems to work properly.

I only recently found out that EM is only designed to work with GPS only and with WAAS disabled, presumably to minimise power use in this mode.
I have found that if I first set my 66st to GPS only and WAAS/EGNOS disabled, then power it down and back on, then select EM, EM seems to work properly from the start.

When EM is working properly, if the satellite set up is changed either to use a second GNSS or to enable SBAS, and the device allowed to go into EM, on resuming, the satellite connection is terminated as above.

The moral of the story seems to be to set the satellite to GPS only and disable WAAS/EGNOS before enabling EM and then not altering the satellite set up until EM is no longer required. At this point, first set EM to Never, then alter the satellite set up to your preference if necessary.

Can anyone else confirm this behaviour?

Also, has anyone been able to use EM with GNSS set to GPS + GALILEO or GPS + GLONASS, with or without enabling WAAS/EGNOS?

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