Just wanted to say thanks

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Just wanted to say thanks

Post by Montybon » Sat Oct 05, 2019 1:04 am

I bought a 66s recently, after waiting ages for the price to come down.

And I loaded it up, updated to latest firmware etc, handled it a bit, took it to the park, read the reviews etc etc, all looked ok.

I tape a couple of AA eneloops together, and tape a little thin plate on the bottom, to press the button so it will charge whenever I'm not using it.

No problems.

All looked good, I lastly spent a couple of hours changing some of the settings to a few recommended on some web site. This morning, I loaded up a walk, left it on charge from the laptop, and grabbed it half an hour later and off I went.

And guess what, as soon as I took it out in anger, it wouldn't power up :evil:

Long press wouldn't fix it, but took the batteries out and then back in, and that fixed it - but thought, no way I'm going to do this every time I take it out, it must be a dud. I found it happened only after being plugged in to the laptop, and in mass storage mode, as opposed to being on a charger.

But I was so annoyed, I was thinking about sending it back, but, then I did a search, and found this place, and a line of information which meant I realised I had just made the thing act up, by the combination of a new setting and transferring via usb.

"I can't power on the GPSMAP 66 after disconnecting the USB cable
when I have Pressure Trending set to "Save Always" and use USB data
transfer longer than 10 minutes"

Thanks to this place, and to people taking the time to help, my day nearly ruined, and then saved by a simple change in one setting.

I went through it all again trying out certian things, and found only one other reliable way of freezing it, one particular track in the saved tracks, would make it freeze as soon as flicked over to screen view. Nothing strange about the track, 3 or 4 miles, pulled around a bit in basecamp, but not the biggest, smallest or anything odd about it. Works fine in the 64s and the Montana, so a mystery.

But, I'm still reading, and searching here, so maybe I'll find something that gives me a clue what that's all about.

Thank you again.

I'll leave a couple of bob in the tin on the way out, it's the least I can do :D

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Re: Just wanted to say thanks

Post by gpsrchive » Sat Oct 05, 2019 1:32 am

Can you share the track that freezes your GPSMAP 66? Email it if you do not want to share publicly, please.

Thank you!

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