BEWARE: GPS Chipset Type M5 (1621) Update v4.40

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BEWARE: GPS Chipset Type M5 (1621) Update v4.40

Post by gpsrchive » Sat Mar 09, 2019 3:21 pm

After performing the recently published Firmware v3.00 update on my GPSMAP 64sc, Garmin Express soon indicated another update was available, this time for GPS Chipset Type M5 (1621) software version 4.40 (as of April 23, 2018).

So, naturally, I let Garmin Express install this update also and after restarting my GPSMAP 64sc, the unit went into a perpetual GPS Software Update cycle, where the update fails at about 24% every time, stops updating, then restarts the process again a few seconds later.

Of course, now my GPSMAP 64sc has zero Satellite reception capability.

I tries downgrading back to the previous Firmware 2.70, and while that was successful, my GPSMAP 64sc still does not receive any satellite signals.

Interestingly, while at Firmware 2.70, Garmin Express does not make any mention of the GPS Chipset Type M5 (1621) software version 4.40 update being available! And this software was published nearly a full year before the recent firmware version 3.00 was published.

Updating the GPSMAP 64sc to firmware 3.00 again does not resolve the issue.

A word of caution, if you see Garmin Express suggest this GPS Chipset type M5 update for your GPSMAP 64, I would suggest avoiding it like the plague!

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