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update topoactive

Post by sammyB » Fri Feb 01, 2019 4:41 pm

Hej, a few weeks ago i'f got a message that there was an update for the topo active on my 66st.

The update was Version 2018.20, 7.19 GB .

I connected the device to GE and there was an announcement that there was no space left ,( there was 60 % free space intern memory!! )on the device,bud there was enough free space on the sd card.
I try to install the update bud after 1% it stops and it was not possible to install.
I removed the sd card and started over again, No result!

I have firmware 2.10 and software 2.50.

Anyone a clue!!

There are more persons i now with the same problem.
I have had contact with garmin and they sad that they are working on it.!


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