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Montana 7x0 Firmware 6.40

Discussion related to the Garmin Montana 7x0 series GPSr
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Montana 7x0 Firmware 6.40

Post by gpsrchive »

Montana 7x0 Firmware Update 6.40 is available via Garmin Express or Wi-Fi Direct as of 19OCT20.
Changes made from version 5.30 to 6.40:
Added a lock icon on confirmation pages to clarify auto-lock status.
Added configurable fields on the corners of the map page.
Added a 'note' option for logging geocaches.
Added the ability for the measure distance function to start at any point.
Added Rain mode to Touch Sensitivity settings.
Added custom patterned lines for other road types.
Added wifi icon flash on status page/status bar when wifi is enabled but not connected.
Improved map drawing times.
Improved filename time formats.
Improved inReach activation prompts.
Improved swiping on the status page.
Fixed issue with the wifi status not updating.
Fixed issue with 'track up' and 'north up' map orientations.
Fixed issue with manual route transitions.
Fixed issue with the tabs/status bar flashing on the geocache page.
Fixed issue with zoom levels on round trip routing pages.
Fixed issue with getting a false max number of photos exceeded message.
Fixed issue with Explore sync and map settings.
Fixed display issue with CIQ apps and widgets in landscape orientation.
Fixed issue with auto-zoom on the weather map.
Fixed issue with copy-as-reversed fit activity stats.
Fixed issue with truncation of a data field on the trip computer page.
Fixed issue with mounting SD cards formatted on Mac computers.
Fixed possible shutdowns when using Birdseye imagery.
Fixed Express sync errors due to empty current activity file.
Fixed 'off road' label for routes that were not off road.
Fixed issues with geocaches not showing up when attempting to program a chirp.
Fixed issues with truncated translations.
Fixed issue with overlapping text in the geocache info box.
Fixed issue with the 'Go' button not appearing on some routes.
Fixed issue with geocache filters turning back on automatically.
Fixed a potential for a shutdown on the map page.
Fixed issue with adding Via points.
Fixed issue with flashing in the photo viewer.
Fixed issue with potential shutdowns when navigating tracks.
Fixed display issue with lock icon not showing up on secure wifi networks in night mode.
Fixed an issue that could lead to a shutdown when sorting photos by date in photo viewer.
Fixed issue with geocache proximity alarm causing slow start up times with .ggz files loaded.
Fixed issue with slow start up after deleting .ggz files.
Fixed issue with the widget page indicators occasionally blinking on the status page.
Fixed issue with text alignment for inReach messages.
Fixed issue where touchscreen firmware could fail to load. Firmware will continue to load without needing user input on the next power cycle.
Please report your observations here after installing and testing!
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Re: Montana 7x0 Firmware 6.40

Post by gpsrchive »

It appears firmware 6.40 may include additional unpublished improvements.

For example, it has been reported that the NMEA output that was inoperable in previous firmware versions is now functional after this update.

Please report your observations here!
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