How to customise my GPSMAP 64sx

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How to customise my GPSMAP 64sx

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Whilst I refer to the model it is a fairly generic question.
Whilst browsing Basecamp I came across the feature of icon customisation and expansion which particularly interested me as a means further identification of geocache types. I have a series of compatible icons previously used with Memory Map and later with Viewranger (Android).
I dislike Basecamp having never got to grips with it I use GSAK and a macro within to tweak the gpx file but I could not get to work on my garmin so I went back to basics,

I have placed two icons as follows:
Garmin GPSMAP 64sx (H:) > Garmin > CustomSymbols > Letterbox.bmp (yours with name change)
Micro.bmp (mine)

I then took a standard gpx file and using Notepad made the following changes to <sym>Geocache</sym>

<url> ... 73a04</url>
<urlname>aaaa by Cache n' walk</urlname>
<type>Geocache|Traditional Cache</type>


<url> ... 73a04</url>
<urlname>ABAB by Cache n' walk</urlname>
<type>Geocache|Traditional Cache</type>

I would have expected that to work but it remains showing a geocache symbol in the file list and also on the map.
Any ideas welcome, thanks.
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Re: How to customise my GPSMAP 64sx

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I believe the issue you are experiencing comes down to Garmin only supporting a handful of geocache types.

If you wanted to use those same <sym></sym> tags for a waypoint, for example, the custom symbol you specified would be displayed, but because these are geocaches, only a few very specific symbol names are allowed by the GPSr, with the default geocache.bmp symbol being displayed if the specified symbol is not recognized.
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