Adding topo maps to an SD card while in the eTrex 22x

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Adding topo maps to an SD card while in the eTrex 22x

Post by asprin624 »

OK there seems to be a strange problem to copy any maps to an SD card while it is in the eTrex 22x.
I backed up the TopoActive maps to my Laptop.
Then deleted them from the eTrex 22x. (deleting when very quick.)
Now I have the eTrex 22x connected to my Laptop (Wind 10) and want to copy a 650 MB topo of the Benelux.
The first thing what happens when I tell it to copy is the copy screen goes to 99%. (strange)
Then it tells me time left is 5 sec. (again strange).
Nothing happens for a good 15 mins the screen sits on 99% and 5 sec to go.
If I touch any item on the Laptop the screen freezes and an error with the explorer.
I go get a cup of coffee and come back after about 15 mins give or take.
The screen is back to normal and the 650 MB file is copied to the SD card.

I did another test by taking the SD card out of the eTrex 22x and put it directly in the Laptop.
This time I copied a topo for Germany which was 1GB in size.
It took a min. or so to copy showing the amount being copied by 10%, 25%, 50% and so on.
The normal way that a file is being copied.

Not so with the SD card in the eTrex 22x.
And again removing the eTrex 22x from the USB connection a problem.
I have never had this problem with any of my Garmin units only the eTrex 22x.

My final thought was to test the etrex 22x with out and TopoActive maps on the unit.
Thinking if I remove these maps in total of 5GB+ it would speed things up plus not have any topo maps on the internal memory of the eTrex 22x. It had no effect at all.
There is something wrong with the firmware that causes this problem.
I think the same problem is with the eTrex 32x too.
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Re: Adding topo maps to an SD card while in the eTrex 22x

Post by gpsrchive »

I believe Garmin software engineers are currently investigating USB/microSD card issues with the eTrex x2x series. If you see these issues are still present after the next firmware update is released, please remind me!
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