Naming Waypoint

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Naming Waypoint

Post by watersteps » Tue May 21, 2019 9:03 pm

Hello All,
I am new to GPSMAP 62, I am trying to set a Home Location Waypoint, when I press mark at my home location it shows a gray screen with the "001" at the top. I press menu it takes me to several options one of which is the Waypoint Manager. I tried to press enter on the Waypoint Manager but it does not give me any option to attach a name to it.
I know very little about the Garmin, I want to use it to mark my home location and several metal detecting locations. I have read the instructions several times with no explanation on naming a waypoint.
Please help if you can.

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Re: Naming Waypoint

Post by gpsrchive » Tue May 21, 2019 9:49 pm

A. Welcome to GPSrChive!

B. Congratulations on the GPSMAP 62 GPSr.

C. Make sure you're GPSMAP 62 has the most current firmware installed (see the Firmware page for more info)

D. When you press (Mark) on the GPSMAP 62, the 'Mark Waypoint' screen opens with multiple waypoint data fields displayed, which includes the waypoint symbol and name at the top.

[Done] will be highlighted in the lower right corner.

When the 'Mark Waypoint' page opens, simply use the D-PAD to highlight the desired data field and then press (Enter) to edit the selected data field. When all data fields are edited as desired, use the D-PAD to select [Done] and press (Enter) to finish marking the waypoint.

This information will be added to this wiki in the future. So many pages to build, so little time!

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