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Donation Request 2020

Posted: Thu Nov 28, 2019 3:28 pm
by gpsrchive
It is time to pay the hosting fees to keep GPSrChive online into the year 2020.

As you may not have noticed, GPSrChive does not have any subscription fees or annoying advertisements, and we hope to keep it that way! GPSrChive is purely a labor of love for those as passionate about their Garmin GPSr devices as we are.

For those who have donated in the past to help make this possible, we are all very grateful!

If you have not and/or would like to consider making any contribution to GPSrChive, please click the donate button (located on all homepages) at any time. Please consider making a recurring monthly donation of a dollar or two (or three...) to support continued GPSrChive development directly.

Thank you, and may you all have a happy and safe holiday season!